He Drinks Up Obstacles

Welcome back. Sorry about the gap between post 1 and 2. Turns out we had to do some catering in the intervening weeks. We’ve also been busy setting up our new prep space in Clapton. I’m going to follow the format from… Read More

Veal Kedgeree

Welcome one and all! Welcome to the first post in the new What the Dickens blog. (Well, actually second technically, but the first one was just an event page really.) From the relative safety of my 2010 vintage Ikea ‘FUROSKOG’ all-pine desk… Read More

Supper Club – 23rd July

‘The STOMACH is the mainspring of our body’s System, – if it be not sufficiently wound up to warm the Heart and support the Circulation, – the whole business of Life will, in proportion be ineffectively performed, – we can neither Think… Read More